Accepted Papers

Vivek Nigam and Carolyn Talcott Automating Recoverability Proofs for Cyber-Physical Systems with Runtime Assurance Architectures
Siyu Liu and Yuting Wang Verified Transformation of Continuation-Passing Style into Static Single Assignment Form
Mengjun Du, Peiyang Li, Lian Song, W.K. Chan and Bo Jiang OAT: an Optimized Android Testing Framework based on Reinforcement Learning
Chenyang Zhu, Jinyu Zhu, Yujie Cai and Fang Wang Decomposing Synthesized Strategies for Reactive Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning
Christian Lidström and Dilian Gurov Contract Based Embedded Software Design
Anton Hampus and Mattias Nyberg Verifying Refinement of Probabilistic Contracts Using Timed Automata
Puneet Bhateja Asynchronous Test Equivalence over Timed Processes
Darius Foo, Andreea Costea and Wei-Ngan Chin Protocol Conformance with Choreographic PlusCal
Wu Wang and Zhenhua Duan Verifying Chips Design at RTL Level
Joanna Delicaris, Stefan Schupp, Erika Abraham and Anne Remke Maximizing Reachability Probabilities in Rectangular Automata with Random Clocks
Shengyang Yao and Qin Li A Hierarchical Spatial Logic for Knowledge Sharing and Fusion in Intelligent Connected Vehicle Cooperation
Qiaowen Jia, Yi Lv, Peng Wu, Bohua Zhan, Jifeng Hao, Ye Hong and Chao Wang VeriLin: A Linearizability Checker for Large-Scale Concurrent Objects
Kenny Ballou and Elena Sherman Identifying Minimal Changes in the Zone Abstract Domain
Jaime Santos, Alexandre Madeira and Daniel Figueiredo idDL2DL - Interval syntax to DL
Zhen Liang, Dejin Ren, Wanwei Liu, Ji Wang, Wenjing Yang and Bai Xue Safety Verification for Neural Networks Based on Set-boundary Analysis
Wenjing Chu, Shuo Chen, Marcello Bonsangue and Zengling Shi Approximately Learning Quantum Automata
Lara Bargmann and Heike Wehrheim View-Based Axiomatic Reasoning for PSO
Muhammad Rizwan Ali and Violet Ka I Pun A Static Analyser for Resource Sensitive Workflow Models
Fangting Liao, Shun Long, Silei Cao, Xinyi Guan and Weiheng Zhu Extraction of Novel Bytecode Features for Java Clone Detection
Juliana Cunha, Alexandre Madeira and Luís Soares Barbosa Stepwise Development of Paraconsistent Processes
Yulin Wu, Zhiwu Xu and Shengchao Qin Detecting API-Misuse based on Pattern Mining via API Usage Graph with Parameters